“Permission to Live Life”

Let me lead you from inner stress to inner peace and balanced energy.

When we are little we have dreams: what we want to become; how we want to live our lives.  Then life throws a curve ball and reality hits us, destroying our dreams.

Waves on Wings will help you to enjoy and live the life you imagined.

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From Life Challenges to Life Purpose

Waves on Wings addresses your specific challenges and obstacles and empowers you in your unique passion

Client Transformations

In war you do a lot of sh… and it gets stuck in your head. As soldier I signed up for that not knowing how much this will change my life and will haunt me. I knew Beate already from her work on Ft. Hood with fellow soldiers. I followed her and I have no regrets. No more nightmares, I actually can call it sleep now. 

I am an athlete, who was competing so far on local, state and national level. Thanks to the work with Beate, I was able to get into a calm focused state that felt relaxed during competition. Just recently I did my first international competition and was able to place. If you want to get over your fears and ...

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, and have tried everything from talk therapy to medication without a lot of success. The one constant in my life was my love of horses and horseback riding. I’ve always said that horses are the best therapy for me, and that was true until I had my first riding ...

I help…

... men and women, who feel blocked and imbalanced to overcome what is holding them back from reaching their full potential in life, so that they can feel free and fulfilled.

… professionals in demanding positions, adults and teens, who struggle with overwhelming stress, that affects their ability to complete tasks, reach their goals and “have a life”, to achieve a calm, focused mind, in body and soul; that supports them in achieving higher performance levels and at the same time creating a life they love.

… adults who have had a traumatic experience and who’s professional work is regularly sending them into harms way to process and overcome the impact of those situations, which resulted in e.g. worst case scenario thinking, worries, being on the edge, haunting memories, etc., so that they can return to a normal life and freedom of disturbing memories.

… adults and teens who struggle with disturbed sleep patterns to naturally achieve rested sleep on a regular basis to heal and regenerate mind, body and soul so they feel energized, refreshed and getting back to their best life.

… individuals and families, who have experienced any kind of loss through death, divorce, and hardship, etc. to process their emotions so that they can find relief and move forward into feeling peace.

… adults and teens who struggle with emotional pain to process and manage overwhelming feelings in a healthy, natural way, so that they can have emotional freedom and living a life they want


Are You Ready?

I show you the light at the end of the tunnel (and the light is not a train)...

Interested in making positive changes and giving yourself "permission to live life"?

I look forward to develop a customized plan with you that empowers you to reach your goals


Living Life
Higher Performance
Focus and Balance
Rested Sleep
Overall Happiness